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Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Sun Oct 4 17:27:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Sat 03 Oct, Peck, Matthew x96724c1 wrote:

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> > From Marian Griffith :

[ original question Benjamin D. Wiechel that was snipped:
  Also, for the true simulationists, what would the simulation be without a
  couple of sociopaths running around nixing everyone they pass? ]

> > Marian Griffith:
> > >1- A lot friendlier. (After all you can talk to people without having to
> > >   assume they are out to kill you)

> > I doubt it. Just because a person dosent have the option to kill another
> > player in no way means friendlier. They can verbally, publicly (chat)
> > privately(tell),physically(emote/social), and with charmed mobs,
> > be VERY unfriendly. If the guy has a bad day, and wants to take it
> > out on someone, just because he cant kill someone, dosent mean
> > he is just going to sit there quietly wallowing in misery.

> I totally agree with this.  Players have a lot of options when it comes to
> harassing other players.  In fact, I would argue that players immune to
> pkill are subject to even more harassment than others, if someone is annoyed
> at them.  A pkill will vent all frustration at once, and its done.  The
> people go on their way, seek revenge, whatever.  But with no PK available, I
> have seen people harass others for quite some time until someone else
> intervened.  As Raph also mentioned, see the article on virtual rape (see a
> trend?  this is what happens when you sit down to write an email and are
> interrupted)

Unsurprisingly I do not agree with this.
If a game, in general,  does not allow to attack other players than you
will find fewer players who are thinking about doing that. Take for ex-
ample PernMush. Playerkilling, playerstealing and other nasty behaviour
is almost absent there. Not because it is impossible, but because it is
not something people think of doing.  The same thing you would probably
see on furcadia, though I can only guess. Maybe Dr.Cat can tell us if I
am right?

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