[MUD-Dev] Re: [DESIGN] To kill or not to kill? (non-violent conflict)

Marc Hernandez marc at jb.com
Sun Oct 4 23:41:14 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Sun, 4 Oct 1998, Robert Woods wrote:

}Wildman wrote: 
}> Well, the difference is that my game avoids the tailor problem. Combat
}> be sort of like:
}> -----
}> You are on the beach.
}> Bob is here.
}> >kill bob
}> You slay Bob in cold blood. You suddenly notice that all the statues
}> to be watching you.

<Prisoner episode N snipped :-)>

}> You wake up feeling happy, and unconcerned. Your head hurts a bit.
}> >look
}> You are in your cabin.
}> Bob is here.
}> Bob says, "That wasn't very nice, but I suppose you won't do it again."
}> >look self
}> You have a small scar on your head. Although it hurts a bit, this doesn't
}> concern you.
}> You are wearing a hospital gown.
}> You are wearing a button with the number 13 on it.
}> >kill bob
}> You really don't want to.
}> ----
}> Okay, so that was a bit MORE than mere combat. It also included the
}> consequences, such as a lobotomy. Also, Bob has been revived, making it
}> for naught.
}I disagree with this scenario, for the following reason:  If you're not
}going to allow killing, pkilling, etc., just DON'T allow it.  Then, if
}killing/pkilling happens through exploitation of a bug/feature, you can
}nuke the offender and regen the defender.

	Actually the above is a very good _The Prisoner_ mud situation.
Playing such a mud I would assume things like that would happen (in fact I
think they did... I need to watch the prisoner marathon again :-) ).  The
whole point of it was about trust, truth and paranoya.  
	I disagree with forcing things on the player at the end.  FOr some
reason the people in charge did want the prisoners to be fully aware of
everything.  Breaking a person that isnt fully aware is not an
accomplishment (I assume... having never done it.  You could just kill
them).  Take 1984 (might make another great mud... hmmm).  They had to
break them (then they killed them), but they were completely aware of
their failure.  
	 SO in some senses player killing could be curbed by situations in
the environment, yet still be allowed.  

Marc Hernandez

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