[MUD-Dev] Re: [DESIGN] To kill or not to kill?

The Wildman wildman at microserve.net
Mon Oct 5 17:18:20 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998 Michael.Willey at abnamro.com wrote:
> A good solution for your scenario, and far more fitting
> in with the concept than simply disallowing combat entirely
> - Patrick MacGoohan was an action hero as much as a dramatic
> actor, and the series made room for a good fight scene
> nearly every episode.  The difference between this and
> typical mud combat?  These combats were (almost) never
> fatal.

Additionally, the goal was not to kill every man, woman, child, and orc. I
think that goes a long way toward making a more "intellectual" game. Instead
of attempting to kill Bob, the player could have started a less lethal
fight. It probably would have been broken up after a few rounds, resulting
in bruises, black eyes, bloody noses, and a few days of "reconditioning" for
the both of them. Or maybe just for the player. Or maybe just for Bob.
(Arbitrary decisions regarding punishment is a good way to keep the
prisoners off-guard.)
The Wildman
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