[MUD-Dev] Re: Terrain/Landmass & GIF/BMP

quzah quzah
Thu Oct 8 16:06:45 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

From: Niklas Elmqvist <d97elm at dtek.chalmers.se> on Wednesday, October 07, 1998
10:58 PM
Subject: [MUD-Dev] Re: Terrain/Landmass & GIF/BMP

>On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, quzah [sotfhome] wrote:
>> The first is this: I am developing a world generator of
>> sorts, that with a few parameters will generate the entire
>> mud world. It will take into account the following info:
>>    sizeX (width of world west to east)
>>    sizeY (length of world north to south)
>>    clustering (continents/small islands/large islands/etc)
>>    "hillyness" (flat/small hills/mountains/etc)
>>    mineral richness (frequency of mineral deposits)
>>    temperature (over all cold/mild/warm/hot/etc)
>>    on land water supplies (rivers/lakes/etc [amount of])
>>    wetness (over all very dry/dry/moderate/damp/very wet/etc)
>Neat. I am doing the same for a 3D terrain renderer.

I know I already replied to this, but my reply was
wrong for the most part. I replied that I was only
generating a 2d map, which is all together wrong. I
was thinking of visualizing a 3d map ala "Unreal" or
some 3d graphics engine type thing; and I totally
spaced the fact that I was indeed making a 3d map,
just visualized in a different way. (After ally, I
am storing the height of each "slot" in a 2d array,
which makes it 3d... sigh.

I finally realized it after actually seeing a fractal
generated map (which looks very nice, and I think I'll
end up doing that, plus the line-method in something
like this:

(1) make map size (x,y)
(2) decide basic land forms (continents/island groups)
(3) generate water scape ( sealevel and below the
    entire map )
(4) pick starting coords for each major continent/
    islang group
(5) give them a size ( % of world size to fill )
    which sets the SE corner of their chunk of
    land to render.
(6) render

Which hopefully will give me a nice sea scape, with
clusters of land above sea level. Thanks again for
all of the terrain and graphic info. Sorry to have
cluttered your mail boxes.

(I hate making an ass of myself -- but I'm so good
at it. ;)

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