[MUD-Dev] Re: Current Projects

Robert Woods rwoods at honors.unr.edu
Fri Oct 9 12:52:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

> From: Peck, Matthew x96724c1 <x96724 at exmail.usma.army.mil>
> I'm not going to bore you with me-too's about my codebase, since most of
> the features I desire to implement can be found elsewhere, but there are
> a few ideas I had that are worth sharing, I think.  One of them deals
> with book characters.  Most players can lead their lives around and do
> whatever in the MUD, whether its being a mighty warrior or a tailor.
> However, for those seeking added excitement, they can apply to be a book
> character.  Now, these characters are likely to have more players
> desiring to become them then slots open.  So my dilemma was how to deal
> with this.  I could just make the characters mobs, but then any schmoe
> could come by and take off with Sauron's ring.  And if I made them
> players, we'd have the same problem.  
> So I decided to combine the two, ad modify to taste.  All of the major
> book characters will basically be handed out on a first come, first
> serve basis to those who meet my requirements and complete the
> application.  Instead of starting a new character, or having their
> current character modified to become the new person, their current
> character is basically put on hold, and they instead use the book
> character (basically like a player switched into a mob).  If someone
> else who has completed an application (and their character is suitably
> flagged) enters combat with them and kills them, the book character
> changes hands.  So the old owner goes back to the old character, and the
> new owner enjoys the spoils.
> I realize that this will prevent tailors from owning a book character,
> but based on the setting, I really don't think that would be
> appropriate.  It also ensures that players with book characters remain
> on their toes, and concentrating on developing their character.  It has
> potential to be an interesting system, and I've not seen it elsewhere,
> yet.

What about allowing players to "give up" their character to another player?
 Because there are certain characters that are not suited to the fighter
person that your average "tailor" might enjoy being.  The Gaffer in Bag
End, Elrond, Barliman Butterbur (inkeeper in Bree), Galadriel, one of the
healers in Minas Tirith, etc.  Admittedly, with the possible exception of
Elrond and Galadriel, not significant.  But those "tailor" characters might
enjoy playing Barliman Butterbur on occasion :)

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