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On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Alex Stewart wrote:

> Well, after having just said that I don't have any topics to start, I'm going
> to go ahead and start one.. :)
> I suppose this falls into the "documenting the current state of the field"
> aspect of things.. I have noticed in the responses to the two recent "meta"
> topics that there seem to be a fair number of people around here who are
> actively working (or considering actively working) on developing new MUD or
> MUD-related software, and there are at least several others interested in such
> topics in general.  While there is some information on projects some of the
> older, more active people have been working on in the FAQ that gets mailed out
> every so often, I get the distinct impression that there are a lot of other
> people (new people?) doing interesting things too who haven't made it into that
> document, so, my question to the list:
> What are your current projects?  For those of us out here pushing the
> technological envelope (or just hacking around), what are we up to, anyway?
> In particular:
>  * What kind of software are you working on? (MUD driver, MUD client, etc?)

Actually, I'm working on three MUD servers and one client, and have one MUD
server up and running.
The three servers in development are (in no particular order):
    A CircleMUD clone, recently started, codename Shadow World.
    A Diku derivate/compatible MUD in C++, recently started, codename MyMUD.
    A custom server, redone several times, codename The Raven.
The client is also recentyl started, and more or less on the design state
right now (lost some code in a disk crash recently).
The running CircleMUD have been given away to a player.
I have also created a couple of CircleMUD "snippets".  The one I'm most
proud of is a trigger system using the Lua scripting language.

>  * Why?

Why not?  Really, why not!  :)
I like coding so much so that when I get home from a long day coding at
work, I do some more coding on my private projects at home!

>  * What are its features?

The Diku derivate in C++ is my attempt to drag Diku into the next century
with good OO features.  Not much more can really be said about my plans for
The current CircleMUD is just for fun.
The custom server is a complete different story.  It will have a custom
programing language for creating the world (mush like LPMuds) based on C,
Hugo, and Inform.  It will also have a theme I have never seen in any other
MUD so far:  A gothic mix of E. A. Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, and a book
by a swedish writer (I don't remember his name at the moment though).

The up-and-running CircleMUD is pretty much redone and rearanged internaly.
The zone concept has been turned into an area concept (the mud has many
areas, one area can have many zones, etc.).  Aaaand of course some new
spells and skills... ;)

>  * What does it do (will it do) differently than other things do?
>  * Any neat concepts involved?

See above.
(At least I think some of the features are neat... :)

>  * Any boring concepts being used in neat ways?

Sigh, not now, but who could tell what the finnished things will look like.
(I know I don't.)

/ Joachim
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