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Ryan Prince jynx_ryn at mindless.com
Sun Oct 11 14:27:43 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Alex Stewart wrote:
>  * What kind of software are you working on? (MUD driver, MUD client, etc?)

I am currently doing a pair of related projects. The first one is what I spend
most of my time on, it is a production-mud ( alpha stage ) based on CircleMUD
3.0bpl14 and currently dubbed StormHavenMUD. The second is a
new-from-the-ground-up MUD server/client pair codenamed 'SharpMURPE Engine &
Client' that doesn't get as much attention as I would like because I am at the
moment running Win95 on my computer and I'd like to start it in Linux.

>  * Why?

I have always been interested in the development side of MUDs, the creation of
worlds, and role-playing. I am doing a production MUD because it's a fast and (
reletively ) easy way for me to get my world out there, and it creates new
social connections and I get to train a few builders, too, so it adds to the
entire MUD community in a way. The sever/client pair I am doing because I don't
think the current set of MUD codebasses cut the musterd, as it were, for the age
of the community. I like and prefer text-based games to the new graphical based
games, for the same reason books haven't been replaced by movies. My imagination
is the best special effects studio I know of. I have done a lot of pseudo-coding
and designing of the new server and have decided the client needs to be improved
as well. While the current set of telnet clients are nice, they are more than
often not completely compliant to telnet protocol and/or ansi escape codes.

>  * What are its features?
>  * What does it do (will it do) differently than other things do?
>  * Any neat concepts involved?

StormHavenMUD - Highly hacked and patched CircleMUD, with as much OLC capability
as I can put into it ( Yeah, I know I should have gone LP, but I started playing
Circle so I have a soft spot in my heart for it ) I have patched in a scripting
language and have gotten rid of levels and experience, instead relying on a
complicated system of pay-for-training and learn-by-use for character
advancement. I use an entropy-effect object decay system where equipment wears
out with use and potions and spells and stuff wear out with time, trying to stop
the mass-acumulation of wealth accept in things like MUD-virtual

SharpMURPE - In a blatant attempt to snub OOP as the only and best way of doing
things, based on C++ with little or no object usage accept for what is just
easier, more stable and/or just plain better that way ( I am not one to kill my
own projects just because of a simple opinion. ), in so not using much more OOP
than plain old C. SharpMURPE uses ASCII databases wherever possible, for ease of
ADMIN, and has an entire new protocol based on telnet and ansi-escape that is
just spiffier (IMHO) than normal. Also coded from scratch is a new scripting
language designed specifically for MUDs. It has some similarities to C/C++ and
Java/Javascript in style and appearance but other than that is completely
original. The client itself is designed for Windows and Macintosh and (later on)
x-Windows in that it is pretty graphical, and it has both an ADMIN mode and a
PLAYER mode, which are seperate interfaces, but can be carried on at the same
time. In coding and designing this peice of software I throw off the industry
myth of RAD ( Rappid application development ) and do the alternative of  QAD (
Quality Application Development ) ( Microsoft as thouroughly proved you can't do
both ). After all, if something is worth doing, it's worth DOING RIGHT. Of
course, this means that it will be several years before version 1.0 comes out,
but hey, I ain'tdoing this for money, and I don't have to worry about improving
graphics technology BECAUSE THERE ARE NO GRAPHICS! ( Mwuhaha )

>  * Any boring concepts being used in neat ways?

Yeah .... on StormHavenMUD I have managed to take OLC and other snippets from
about 50 different coders and make them fit seemlessly into a very cool project.
The time I have spent squashing code bugs has been pretty minor, because I do
all the patching by hand. ( AND (IMHO) DO YOUR PATCHING BY HAND! )

SharpMURPE is designed with absolutely no boring features. ( At least, that's
the story I'm going with ).

- Jynx Ryn
- The Complex Man with the Simple Signature
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