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Benjamin D. Wiechel strycher at toast.net
Mon Oct 12 13:28:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

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Date: Monday, October 12, 1998 1:17 PM
Subject: [MUD-Dev] Re: META: Review of FAQ's Bio Section

>The problem with a web page is that it becomes searchable, and is quite
>likely to get indexed all over the place. Perhaps if it were one where
>the members email addresses are munged like in the archives, and was
>only "officially" available at kanga.nu?
I would think having it as a part of the kanga.nu website with the rest of
materials would be good.  The other thing I would find to be of benefit
be if someone wanted to donate the time and experience to make it into
something that we could update ourselves.  Go to url X and put in your
password perhaps, and then update your info.  At any rate, that's my

>I think the material itself is valuable - it provides a background for
>what people are saying, which can make it easier to understand "where
>they are coming from". The main difficulty, I expect, is that of keeping
>it up-to-date. People just have to let you know about updates. (Mine
>definitely needs updating, but I need to accomplish something more on
>my MUD first!). Of course, asking this question on MUD-Dev may well
>trigger a flurry of updates...
I agree, I think it's useful, and I think it would be more useful in a
website so that when we want to look up someone that just replied or posted,
we can find them quickly, and see what their background is.  Very useful in
understanding someone's perspective on an issue.

Benjamin D. Wiechel
strycher at toast.net

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