[MUD-Dev] Re: Laws of Online World Design

Koster Koster
Mon Oct 12 21:24:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Excellent, more to add to the list.

BTW, I am adding these on a webpage at
http:///mud.sig.net/raph/gaming/laws.html so you can see them as they
get added. They are all being duly credited, of course. :)

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> Btw, since you probably have no idea who I am... in my tenure in the
> commercial MUD biz, I've worked as a designer and/or 
> programmer on Gemstone
> (during the early years on GEnie), Dragon's Gate (in all its 
> incarnations,
> currently on AOL), Darkness Falls (currently on AOL and Gamestorm) and
> Magestorm (a graphical MUD of sorts, also available on AOL 
> and Gamestorm.)
> I've also worked on a lot of non-MUD related online games to 
> which many of
> the same "laws of online world design" apply.

Sounds like you probably have some war stories to tell. I'm sorry you
don't have more time to post. :(

> Like most of you, I am also developing my version of the "Ultimate MUD
> Server / Ultimate MUD Universe" which, as usual, is more an 
> exercise in
> design technique than anything else, and may never see the 
> light of day.

Anything you can share?


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