[MUD-Dev] Re: Laws of Online World Design

Darrin Hyrup shades at mythicgames.com
Wed Oct 14 19:47:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

At 09:24 PM 10/12/98 -0500, Raph Koster wrote:

>Sounds like you probably have some war stories to tell. I'm sorry you
>don't have more time to post. :(

Yeah... you could say that. :)  Now that I've posted, I'll try to get more
involved... in fact, I even sent in my member info to Ling so list members
will know who I am when I do post.  Not sure when/if that will ever make it
into the FAQ, since we've been talking about changing the way that works.

>> Like most of you, I am also developing my version of the "Ultimate MUD
>> Server / Ultimate MUD Universe" which, as usual, is more an 
>> exercise in design technique than anything else, and may never see the 
>> light of day.
>Anything you can share?

Its nothing secret, basically something I've been toying around with on and
off for the last year or so.  If I do ever open it to the public, I'll
probably put it up as a non-commercial site unless I am somehow convinced
the world needs another pay mud. :)  My concepts for the design change from
time to time, so I am trying to firm up the design documentation for it
first, but I've coded about 25% of it so far (the low level core stuff),
plus about 50% of a prototype client.  The world design document still
lacks a lot of detail, but all the basic elements are done and ready to be
expanded upon.  Once I have locked down the feature set for the initial
server version, I'll actually start doing the real coding.

As for details, I'll quote from what I wrote in the server info for the
member list...  

Dream Server:		(under development)
	- Original FRPG world (high fantasy theme, literary level of detail,
	  tangible gods, multiple independant cultures, races, nations,
	  powerful but rare magic, consistant world physics and reality model.)
	- Classless, but supporting numerous player run guilds/clans.
	- Non-level based mechanics, multiple skill webs, realistic combat.
	- Limited PK within boundaries set by roleplaying environment.
	- RP reward system designed to encourage a strong player community.
	- Disk-based, fully persistant world, limited player expandibility.
	- Custom, event-driven multi-threaded kernel, written in C++
		- Kernel allows hosting multiple independant game worlds in
		  parallel with limited mirroring (for shadow dimensions, etc)
	- Object-oriented internal programming language (but no player access)
	- No logical difference between monsters/NPCs and players.
	- Limited global namespaces (for heraldic/family purposes.)
	- Individual private namespaces.
	- Fully integrated multi-window text+graphic user interface
		- Interactive building environment for GMs.
		- Limited online scripting

In reflection, the basic concepts are not too much different from some of
the ideas I've been seeing passed back and forth around here for a while.
As an aside, with all the duplication of effort that must be happening
between list members, we should all conspire together and create an "Open
MUD" project or something.



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