[MUD-Dev] Re: Current Projects

Scatter scatter at thevortex.com
Fri Oct 16 20:21:10 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Holly Sommer <hsommer at micro.ti.com> wrote:

> Current project:
> Not pushing a technological envelope really, by any stretch of the 
> imagination, but we ARE making a move to (for lack of a better word) 
> convert what was, for 3.5+ years, a NiMUD (Diku derivitive) into a 
> Lima-based MUD.
> The biggest challenge will be in training the old builders (accustomed to 
> a very easy OLC) to learn LpC. This is a Big Task.

There's no reason not to have a very easy OLC in an LP mud.
I have written an OLC system in my lpmud for easy and fast
creation of rooms and items. The OLC system has the usual
building commands and when you save the room it writes an
LPC file for you. As yet it only allows you to create
new rather than edit existing, but when I get time such
rooms will be editable too.

Obviously objects and rooms built this way won't have any
special code in them, but that can be added afterwards
if it's needed, and the majority of objects don't need it
if the standard, inherited objects are feature-full.

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