[MUD-Dev] Re: Trusting the Client (Re: Laws of Online World D esign)

Vadim Tkachenko vt at freehold.crocodile.org
Fri Oct 16 23:08:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Jon Leonard wrote:
> Logging the IP address of a cheat is an interesting deterrent, but in a
> world of dynamic IP addresses it doesn't give you anything worthwhile.
> Requiring a valid serial number to connect (a cryptographicly signed
> one, so they can't be faked), and then logging that is probably better.
> That way you can permanently disable the game for someone who tries.
> The same technique can detect illegal copies, and do all sorts of other
> big-brotherish tracking.

Also, there's a nice trick: redirect the client logging to the server.
You see whatever the client does, and they may not even realize that.

> Jon Leonard

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