[MUD-Dev] Re: Bruce Sterling on Virtual Community goals

Joel Kelso joel at ee.uwa.edu.au
Wed Oct 21 09:25:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Niklas Elmqvist wrote:

> > We might need to have (compile time option?) more than one calling
> > convention, and certain modules might use backdoor entry points
> > into other modules for efficiency.
> >
> > > I'm game.  :)
> >
> > Cool.
> I'm definitely ready to contribute! Why not build a website, draw some
> specifications, do some heavy designing (I'm deeply in favor of OO
> analysis & design with UML as the modelling language), create a CVS tree,
> etc?
> GNU Mud anyone ?

What specifications are people interested in ?  A personal feature list for a
MUD, in
rough order of priority:

    *    persistent object store and network accessability (obviously)
    *    text-based network interface for a "player" class of user (at least)

    *    programming language and tools for building large, complex and
        dynamic virtual worlds
    *    dynamic programming and world-building environment (ie ability to
        add and modify functionality without taking down server)
    *    ability to communicate objects between servers
    *    portable source code
    *    scalability onto future hardware
    *    distributed database/processing for multiple-machine servers

Anyone interested in an extensive specification thrash ?  Should this be
separated from a design thrash ?

> (In that case, why don't we rename this thread "GNU Mud"? :)

It should probably change to something other than the current title.

Joel Kelso

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