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S. Patrick Gallaty choke at sirius.com
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Allow there to be quests which would 'purify' or 'corrupt' the items
in question.  The items in question would be like :
Templars sword of power (corrupted)

Cleric spells of each alignment that would 'Bless' or 'Curse' items.

Ways for each side to 'sacrifice' the items for power.

Items that can be used in different ways for each side - e.g. a staff of
healing that turns into a staff of harm if the evil user holds it.  A ring of light
that turns into a ring of darkness would be another obvious thought.

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>I've got this question. Suppose I make a perfect, realistic mud, and have
>dark and light races conflicting over the ages. Player can choose to play
>either one, and the final goal  of the game is that your race finnaly
>rules the land.  Ok, trouble:
>Most of the items in the game that evil folks wear and use are marked
>!GOOD (for those not familiar, it means that good aligned people cant wear
>or use that item). And the other way around. For reality's sake, I would
>certainly prohibit good people killing good people, and evil killing evil,
>forcing the war between good and evil. Thats nice. But most of the things
>good players would then get would have !GOOD flag on it! And the other way
>around. How ironic!
>Ok, suppose I can say there will be !GOOD and !EVIL flags on things. But
>its not realistic that evil necron would use templar's great sword
>(although players would, because the sword is so great), or  elf wearing
>orc leather jerkin of power.
>any thoughts? 
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