[MUD-Dev] Re: Recursive look

Koster Koster
Wed Oct 21 13:11:10 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

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> I like it quite a bit when I see it used (although it's usually
> fairly limited).  Especially if it conveys information about the
> character's state:
> Bubba walks in from the east, smiling.
> Bubba limps in from the east, dripping blood.
> Bubba runs in from the east, panting.
> In the first case, they did a "smile" social just before leaving
> the room.  In the second case, they are heavily wounded.  In the
> third case, they were walking quickly and are low on stamina.
> Adam W.

I think one of Legend's imms recently tied this into the moods system I
described earlier on the list. So if you set a mood, your entry and exit
descs use it...


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