[MUD-Dev] Re: Recursive look

Michael.Willey at abnamro.com Michael.Willey at abnamro.com
Wed Oct 21 13:46:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Wildman wrote:
>On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Holly Sommer wrote:
>> On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Ling wrote:
>>> And so on.  Would this become annoying?  I think
>>>the chances are it'll probably be an overwhelming
>> Allow me to vocalize a loud "no." :) At least
>>not the special arrival messages.
>I second that, but only when you're carefull with
>how much you let the player customize it. If it's
>only a change from "walk" to "stroll", sure.
>But it is extremely annoying when "Bubba sticks
>a knife in your back and runs away north."

How about combining this with Raph's earlier post
regarding Legend's system for having moods alter
player's speech?  Some of those same moods could
effect entrance and exit messages as well as communication
or 'soul' commands.  You'd allow for some customization
without making room for absurd things like Bubba's
backstabbing exits.

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