[MUD-Dev] Re: evil - good realism

Vladimir Prelovac tomcat at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Thu Oct 22 15:14:26 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Brandon A Downey  wrote: 

>It's odd that you're willing to stop good players from killing other good
>players (some sort of nod to roleplaying, but not really the way to do it,

Pardon? Didnt really get this one.

>I think the presumption here (and a number of people have pointed this=
 out) is
>that most fantasy universes, even high magic ones, do not have every other
>item being an epic item of good or evil. I might also point out that this
>doesn't prevent a lot of places from doing it anyway.

My primary concern was stoping poor roleplayers from being even more poor=
 roleplayers. What am I telling is that an elf would never agree to use=
 orcish clothes (even if they are better then his own), but a poor=
 roleplayer would if that makes his character stronger.
I cant for sure say it's the case other way around (ie. if an orc gets=
 elven boots +3 we wouldnt mind wearing it). But to make things somehow=
 even, I will presume that evil races would be lawful, not chaotic, and=
 they would respect the "code of honour" or whatever, that would prevent=
 them using light people's equipment.

But, since I dont really see no way of easily handling this, I shall take=
 advice of few folks and make no !GOOD and !EVIL flags on things. (heh!=
 suppose now I had elf wearing 40% of orcish equipment on him. every time=
 he encounters someone, that someone passes an INT test or whatever, and=
 could take this elf for an orc and attack him... hmmmm)

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