[MUD-Dev] Re: PDMud thread summary

Hal Black hal at moos.ml.org
Thu Oct 22 18:47:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 02:23:48PM -0700, J C Lawrence wrote:
> Either way I have no problem with hosting a source repository on
> Kanga,Nu, as well as more special-purpose mailing lists etc for this
> effort.

Good thinking, I was just going to suggest a seperate MUD-Dev-MUD list (DevMUD?
Hmm, that's an interesting name for the project - suggesting both its origin
and its modularity...  hmmmm..)  It might help to cut down the mailbox
overload of all of the idea people on the list who aren't concerned with the
coding details (not me, I wanna hear it :).

Additionaly, if anyone wants realtime discussion, I have an isolated irc server
running 24/7 on moos.ml.org:6667 that is currently vacant.  It is only a p90,
so be gentle.  8')

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