[MUD-Dev] Re: PDMud thread summary

The Arrow arrow at trelleborg.mail.telia.com
Thu Oct 22 21:00:53 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

I don't think I can tell how surprised I am at the enourmous response a
simple question from Jon Leonard has gotten.  If nothing else, I now have
enough ideas for two or three muds, and still have a big todo-list.  :)
The last two-three days have paid more than the cost of being online to read
all these mails.

However, among all the buzz-words and efficiency talk, there is one word I
miss:  simplicity.  Personally I think this project first of all should be
simple, and efficiency and modularization should come after that.  At leas
it should be so if we want this, I don't know waht to call it, "creation" ;)
to spread outside the little circle this list really is.

Keep up the good work guys!  And oh btw., if you need a helping hand or two
(or three? ;), I'm all yours!

/ Joachim
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