[MUD-Dev] Re: evil - good realism

Vadim Tkachenko vt at freehold.crocodile.org
Thu Oct 22 23:02:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Orion Henry wrote:
> "Wilburn, E.J." wrote:
> > First I'd say restricting good players from killing good is not realistic.
> > You're assuming that a player, once good, is always good.  Good people
> > should be able to attack/harm good people it would just cause them to swing
> > towards the Evil side. (However quickly, maybe one murder would instantly
> > make them evil).  Also, evil killing evil from everything I've ever read is
> > a fairly common occurence.  There is no honor amoung thieves.  I suppose if
> > you changed it from Good vs. Evil to Human vs. Dwarf that would be
> > different.
> This is one of the failings of Good/Evil systems.  All of us being
> raised with the Good/Evil Movie mentality think ... well if a good
> person murders a good person they become evil and if an evil
> person murders an evil person... well... nothing happens to them...
> and then evil kind of becomes the sink for indiscriminate killers.
> I feel that a better way to do something like this is to have two
> totally different things being mapped.  How much the forces of
> Good like you and how much the forces of Evil like you.
> Thus you can have.
> Good likes you : not too hard.
> Evil likes you : not too hard.
> Both like you : very very hard.
> Both hate you : all too easy.

Not to waste the bandwidth, take a look at the concept of "alignment
community" I proposed quite a while ago. Makes everything very easy.
Should be in archives.

>         -Orion Henry

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