[MUD-Dev] Re: Crack.Com deceased, Golgotha source released (sorta)

Bruce Bruce
Fri Oct 23 10:55:29 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Friday, October 23, 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:
>Golgotha was producing a 3D first person shooter, much in the line
>of Quake et al but with the added bonus that they seem to handle
>unbounded spaces well (check out the screen shots), what look like
>moderately useful terrain generation/mapping tools, and an attempt
>at military positional analysis.  The source is now released under a
>pretty flexible license.
>MUD client?

Not just a 3D renderer, but a full lisp interpreter with garbage collection,
portable interfaces to networking, threads, etc.  Assembly language routines
too.  I'm not sure if the license could be more free. :)

The source archives appeared to be missing for now, so I'm mirroring the
source they posted on the web, but it is very very slow right now.

I'll try and post a mirror address when I get one.

 - Bruce

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