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Marc Hernandez marc at jb.com
Fri Oct 23 11:27:08 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Fri, 23 Oct 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:


}Golgotha was producing a 3D first person shooter, much in the line
}of Quake et al but with the added bonus that they seem to handle
}unbounded spaces well (check out the screen shots), what look like
}moderately useful terrain generation/mapping tools, and an attempt
}at military positional analysis.  The source is now released under a
}pretty flexible license.

	If you can get it :-) (as I havent quite yet).  They are hammered
quite hard.  

}MUD client?

	I was implementing something like this (as in an unbounded
landscape renderer for a MUD not a complete 400 meg game written by N
talented individuals).  As soon as the renderer can be decoupled from the
'game' (well at least partially.) .... neato.  Hopefully there is client
prediction etc.  

	As an aside.  The source is a (stated as) very OS independant
system including:
Lisp-Like scripting
etc (these are just the most OS dependant, route following doesnt really

	Ive been browsing a bit.  It seems to be well laid out.  It is in
C++.  Even if a text mud is desired the threads,networking and scripting
might be nice to look at.  

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