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Fri Oct 23 22:54:42 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

At 10/23/98 8:05 PM Chris Gray (cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA) 
altered the fabric of reality by uttering:

> >Agreed. But I'm curious: where do you see unnecessary complexity in the 
> >system as we've discussed it to date?
>I'm guessing that a lot of that reaction was coming out of some of the
>stuff Niklaus was saying. I really did think he was meaning sending
>actual data through some kind of pipe, rather than function calls.
>Also, some of the suggestions about having native code and MUD-code
>be plug-and-play interchangeable can get messy.

Much of the discussion on that latter was a bit over my head, so it's 
difficult for me to comment (which doesn't mean I'll have the sense to 
keep my mouth shut... =) ). My gut feeling is that I would really want to 
be able to compile MUD-code to native, but that anything beyond that 
would just be overkill for my own particular usage.

>Perhaps I'm just being a bit pessimistic - many projects that are
>"designed by committee" end up being more complex than they ought to be.

How very true. =) We *do* have a rather elite committee working on this 
one, however (at least when compared with your average design committee). 
Maybe we can buck the odds...


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