[MUD-Dev] Re: CVS and LXR

bruce at portland.puremagic.com bruce at portland.puremagic.com
Sun Oct 25 00:28:31 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Saturday, 24 October 1998, J C Lawrence wrote:
> I don't know.  The LXR pages at http://lxr.linux.no/ suggest that CVS
> integration is non-spiffy right now.  Now if someone other than me
> would care to investigate this area...

A compatriot of mine has set up both LXR and Bonsai in the past for Cold.
Bonsai is a nice interface to CVS that offers a lot more than CVSWeb,
although I use both since both offer some different tools.

LXR is pretty useful but has some problems.  For one, it works on an
exported static copy of the CVS tree.  Therefore, you are really only
viewing a single branch and specific version at any given time (the one
that was exported). You can of course export multiple branches (we export
the 1.1 tree and the 1.2 tree).  LXR also links local vars, so it is odd
when you have a local variable that shares the same name as numerous other
local variables in other blocks of code.  Due to the way that LXR works
with a pre-indexed copy of the source, I'm not sure offhand how it would
improve its integration with CVS.

 - Bruce

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