[MUD-Dev] Re: openmud or pdmud or devmud

Adam J. Thornton adam at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 26 19:50:48 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Mon, Oct 26, 1998 at 04:17:42PM -0800, Jon Leonard wrote:
> I'd consider no decisions final for at least another week, and no code
> final for _at least_ a month.  One of the essential lessons from
> "The Mythical Man-Month" (which I think should be required reading for
> anyone working on a large software project) is that concentrating too
> much (or too quickly) on implementation is a recipie for disaster.
> It's only about a sixth of a project when you factor in design,
> debugging, documentation, etc.

While MMM is a terrific book, the very idea of the project we're proposing
is inherently a bazaar, and not a cathedral.  So take Brooks with a grain
of salt. 

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