[MUD-Dev] Re: Inheritance model (was Re: PDMud thread summary)

Cynbe ru Taren cynbe at muq.org
Mon Oct 26 21:05:13 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

"Bruce Mitchener, Jr." <bruce at puremagic.com> writes:

| Someone from the MOO community has a paper on what he calls 'parameterized
| inheritance'.
| http://theory.stanford.edu/~amitp/papers/mixins.ps is the paper.
| His home pages are http://theory.stanford.edu/~amitp/ and
| http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~amitp/  ... You may know of him already
| from his game programming pages.

Two comments:

1) Pointers like the above are wonderful, and materially decrease my ignorance.
   Thanks to everyone posting them from time to time.  More! More! :)

2) mixins.ps is particularly interesting.  I've suspected for some
   time that with OOP we are seeing the first primitive gropings 
   toward a real algebra of programming.  Inheritance gives us sort
   of very primitive datastructures at the program algebra level:
   With Patel's phunctors, we seem to be seeing re/invention of the
   function at the program algebra level.  Bravo!
     Here's betting a beer that this general line of development
   will turn out to be quite important once we get at least a dim
   notion of what it is all about...


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