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Nathan F Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Thu Oct 29 13:28:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Ola Fosheim [iso-8859-1] Gr=F8stad wrote:

:Marian Griffith wrote:
:> Something like that would be a sure way to drive any woman away from the
:> computer games even more so than happens already. I think we have talked

:What about sexual games?  Are they sexist, per se?


:  Miss Kitsch arrives.
:  Miss Kitsch looks so HOT, you can't keep your eyes off her.
:  Miss Kitsch left.
:  Your pockets are empty.

Ah, I like it. May have to implement the likes in my maniuplated perception

:I think that is kinda cute... If you make all women look like helpless
:sexobjects then it is sexist. There are other ways:

:  Miss Kitsch arrives.
:  You get overly excited, A WOMAN at last.
:  Miss Kitsch winks "Follow me, Hunk!".
:  Miss Kitsch left west.
:> w
:  You're so excited, moving would hurt!  Fuck those tight jeans...
:> w
:  ...Oh, there we go! Your pants are wet and sticky... *sigh*

Ewwww... that was needlessly graphic, Ola. Not to mention taking the whole
manipulation of characters' personalities waaay farther than I ever would.


:I think it is a good idea to let users experience silly situations which
:they can recognize from their own life, and grin at. We are all sex-slaves
:in some sense... I don't see why sex has to be so taboo ridden.  Women loo=
:at men's butts too, right? (there is no use denying it...) And in fact, I

*sigh* Why do they have to focus *right there*? I can't stand it... I've
got everything else, in spades... muscular chest and arms, face and hair
and eyes, curls on my head and chest... but I don't have a nice butt, so
I'll never be a sex object... *sigh* (I'm just kidding, really, I am. I've
been subjected to unwanted - and usually vulgar - female attention far too
many times - one of the reasons I became a geek, tends to allow me to pull
into my work and projects and grow my hair long and unruley and my beard
out until it itches, and dress in whatever the hell is clean, and totally
avoid that sort of attention. Just something for you men to think about.
And you women too. Women are not the only ones that get objectified, it's
just easier for a guy that looks like that to escape it...

:think a lot of sexually mature (selfconfident) women would find such games
:funny, given the physical safety and anonymity the net provides.

Hmm. Maybe... Personally, I've always played characters with notable
deformities on muds.

:However, if the game goes on to set stereotypical standards for breast
:sizes, penis sizes and butt sizes then it is off limits.  I don't see sex =
:the problem, but telling the user implicitly that their physical self is n=
:sexy, or that you have to look like this or that, or that sexy people are
:stupid, is a very bad idea...

Personally, I'd be tempted to design a mud with no genders - and no means
of claiming a gender. Alternately (Singularity, and probably Physmud, if
it follows suit), most species have gender complexities and issues totally
alien to our own.

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