[MUD-Dev] Re: DevMUD Objectives?

Petri Virkkula pvirkkul at iki.fi
Fri Oct 30 13:08:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

>>>>> "Thandor" == Thandor  <thandor at donut.dhis.org> writes:

	I don't make this a flame war between Diku MUDs and LPMuds but
	I want to give few numbers to dispute the following two

Thandor> - It makes things modifiable on the fly. This is something
Thandor>   the diku world doesn't have, but I can't see the big deal
Thandor>   anyway. So you have to reboot every few days to add
Thandor>   changes, it takes 30 seconds and many muds these days have
Thandor>   copy-over which means players don't even have to relog.
Thandor> - You can give "non-techies" the capability to "code". This
Thandor>   sounds great in theory, but all reports I've heard of how
Thandor>   it works in practice is that nearly all the code gets
Thandor>   writen by people who would have been writing the code
Thandor>   anyway. So you've now forced them to learn a new language,
Thandor>   and then write code that runs slower, and gained nothing.

	Every wizard in BatMUD has his/her own home directory
	/players/<wizname>/. Here is some statistics created six
	months ago: 

	Total code lines:	3,358,268
	Wizards' code lines:	2,843,367	(85% of all lines)
	Wizard count:		241

	Similar statistics created today:

	Total code lines:	3,840,440
	Wizards' code lines:	3,309,899	(86% of all lines)
	Wizard count:		261

	Code lines above refers line count in *.[ch] files in the
	mudlib. The numbers do not tell the full truth (some wizards
	might have backup copies of their files even though they could
	use CVS, and the above numbers do not count the rooms created
	by players, etc.) but above numbers should give some sort of
	indication that even "non-techies" can make code too (unless
	you consider all BatMUD's wizards "techies").

	Another comparison: BatMUD's game driver contains less than
	100,000 lines of code and that code has not been modified in
	large scale in years.


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