[MUD-Dev] Re: DevMUD: Inheritable modules

Niklas Elmqvist d97elm at dtek.chalmers.se
Fri Oct 30 14:12:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

[Jon Leonard:]
> My current thoughts on this:
> I don't want to use C++, because it doesn't have the object model I want.

Not to be grumpy or anything, Jon, but... I thought that the DevMUD
project would involve members on the list. I really would like to make a
difference, I've tried to offer my view on things and I would appreciate
if vital design issues such as this are discussed throughly.  I, at least,
have tried to make a point about my design ideas being suggestions, not
"laying down the law". 

C++ does not have the object model *you* want. Should there not be a
discussion about the feeling of other potential contributors on this list
(even non-contributor will probably have *very* useful things to say,
given the talents on this list)? Or at least more motivation than your
personal preferences.  If we can discuss it, I am sure we can come up with
a much better and more objective solution.

Now, in this case, I happen to agree with you (I did not earlier, but I've
been convinced by your arguments, not by you overruling my opinions).
However, the reason for me not wanting to use C++ in the DevMUD driver
(there is of course nothing to stop module writers from using C++ or
anything else in the modules) is not the object model -- it is that C
calls (function pointers) are much more portable than C++ objects when
used in other languages and between different compilers. *This* is the
kind of arguments I am looking for.

Of course, you may be speaking about your own prototype. In that case,
you're entirely in your own right to say these things.

Anyway, I tried to outline my own thoughts about the basic architecture of
the DevMUD driver (which were discarded, I might add). Could other people
please offer their own thoughts about the driver architecture (thoughts
are enough, not complete designs) the way they see it so that we all can
reflect on them? We will probably get a much better architecture this way. 

(Okay, this might be an invitation to design-by-committee, but if people
are to want to contribute to a project like this, they will want to feel
as if they've made a difference. And not just to doing the grunt-work of
coding the thing -- design and analysis, too.)

> Jon Leonard

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