[MUD-Dev] Re: DevMUD Objectives?

Thandor thandor at donut.dhis.org
Fri Oct 30 23:03:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Fri, Oct 30, 1998 at 01:08:15PM +0200, Petri Virkkula wrote:
> 	I don't make this a flame war between Diku MUDs and LPMuds but
> 	I want to give few numbers to dispute the following two
> 	claims:

Not intended as such. Both methodologies have their merits, and my preference
for dikus is probably only due to familiarity.

> 	Every wizard in BatMUD has his/her own home directory
> 	/players/<wizname>/. Here is some statistics created six
> 	months ago: 
> 	Total code lines:	3,358,268
> 	Wizards' code lines:	2,843,367	(85% of all lines)
> 	Wizard count:		241
> 	Similar statistics created today:
> 	Total code lines:	3,840,440
> 	Wizards' code lines:	3,309,899	(86% of all lines)
> 	Wizard count:		261

I stand corrected then. I've now heard of one case of en-masse coding by the
less technically minded mudders. I was only speaking from my experience ...
and that is that very few muds have had large contributions from people who
wouldn't have been coding anyway, internal language or not. Maybe I hang about
with the wrong people. ;)

I'm still not convinced it offers any real advantage in the area of
modification on the fly. Guess that's not high on my list of priorities,
other's millage will no doubt vary.

- Thandor.

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