[MUD-Dev] DevMUD: Module message passing

The Arrow arrow at trelleborg.mail.telia.com
Sat Oct 31 18:26:14 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Time to let out another idea thats been running around in my brain for a
while.  :)

There have been some talk about how to communicate between modules, and this
is my attempt on how to make it happen.
I envision the message system to like a 'sort of' circular pipeline.  I say
'sort of' because the pipe has a start (the DevMUD core) and an end (the
'last' module), but messages can still flow from the end to the start in a
circular fashion.  When a module is loaded, it hooks itself into this pipe
somewhere (priority order? last loaded module at the end?), and sit there
monitoring messages as the flow by.  The modules can then insert new
messages in the pipe, remove messages, or alter them.  When a module inserts
a new message into the pipe, it flows from the module to the end, where it
is moved to the start where it continues to flow until it comes back to the
module that sent it (at that point the message core removes the message from
the pipe).

So, what do you think of it?  :)

/ Joachim
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