[MUD-Dev] META: DevMUD, MUD-Dev, and (list) futures

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Mon Nov 2 22:25:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Writing as list owner:

  This is what is going to happen:

      1) DevMUD will get its own list.  The list will have some sort
of posting controls (currently undecided, but probably a requirement
to be an existant MUD-Dev member with posting authority).

      2) There will (possibly, also undecided) be a DevMUD-Dev list
strictly for code-work on DevMUD.  CVS checkin announcements and other
DevMUD respository posts will also go here.

  When?  Not sure.  I'd love to do the new lists after I roll MUD-Dev
to Kettledrum (currently on hold until the new bounce code starts
actually working).  Given the fact that it needs a re-design and
rewrite (ie pass #1 was a failure, time for pass #2) this could take a
week (I have minimal spare time right now).  I don't think we have
that long.  

  I'm open to persuasion on any of the above.  I'm also open to brief
and very pointed discussion of what is needed and necessary from me,
Kanga.Nu, the mailing lists, CVS, et al in support and furtherance of
DevMUD.  Translation: the meta-floor for DevMUD is briefly open.


      1) Please post under this subject heading ONLY.  

      2) This thread is to be short lived (no more than a few days).

      3) Discussion of design issues on this thread will not be


      Find yourselves a benign dictator.  If you want a very simple
and elegant demonstration of why you need one, read the ICGnu archives
at Kanga.Nu and the previously referenced Slashdot article.  You may
use this meta discussion to aid resolving the leadership question.  I
would appreciate it however if the brunt of the "find-a-dictator"
traffic occured off list.  (ObThreat:  I'm very tempted to just
appoint one).

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