[MUD-Dev] Re: Why modules? (Was: Inheritable modules)

Vadim Tkachenko vt at freehold.crocodile.org
Mon Nov 2 22:41:57 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Vadim Tkachenko wrote:

> > > class Configuration extends EventMulticaster;
> > > interface ConfigurationChangeListener;
> > >
> > > Rings a bell?
> >
> > Yes.  Ding.
> > This says a lot in a little.  A solution dynamic configuration
> > problem using a variation of the Observer pattern.
> > This works for me.  Now make Configuration persistent.
> OK.
> class ConfigReader extends LineNumberReader;
> class PropertiesReader extends ConfigReader;
> class ConfigurationRepository extends Hashtable; /* actually, this is
> irrelevant to two lines above, but important in terms of different
> configuration sets for different modules */

Almost forgot to mention: as a logging stuff, these do exist already
(Java), not in that purified form yet, so. Remembering the OSS
principles, I can release them now and let you keep both pieces, again
;-) Just drop me a line.

Still alive and smile stays on,
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