[MUD-Dev] Re: META: DevMUD, MUD-Dev, and (list) futures

Jon Leonard jleonard at divcom.slimy.com
Tue Nov 3 13:25:03 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Mon, Nov 02, 1998 at 10:25:34PM -0800, J C Lawrence wrote:
> Writing as list owner:
>   This is what is going to happen:
>       1) DevMUD will get its own list.  The list will have some sort
> of posting controls (currently undecided, but probably a requirement
> to be an existant MUD-Dev member with posting authority).

Sounds good.

>       2) There will (possibly, also undecided) be a DevMUD-Dev list
> strictly for code-work on DevMUD.  CVS checkin announcements and other
> DevMUD respository posts will also go here.

I don't think this needs to be a separate list.  Tagging the appropriate
posts should be enough for those who really want to filter them out.
Does anyone want to be part of a DevMUD discussion and _not_ see the
evidence of progress?

>   When?  Not sure.  I'd love to do the new lists after I roll MUD-Dev
> to Kettledrum (currently on hold until the new bounce code starts
> actually working).  Given the fact that it needs a re-design and
> rewrite (ie pass #1 was a failure, time for pass #2) this could take a
> week (I have minimal spare time right now).  I don't think we have
> that long.

I don't think a week delay would hurt much.  As a temporary (permanent?)
measure I'll take code in email and do nightly integrations.  Not that
much code should be written before a module protocol.

>   I'm open to persuasion on any of the above.  I'm also open to brief
> and very pointed discussion of what is needed and necessary from me,
> Kanga.Nu, the mailing lists, CVS, et al in support and furtherance of
> DevMUD.  Translation: the meta-floor for DevMUD is briefly open.

I'd appreciate using Kanga.Nu as a host for the mailing list, and a code
mirror.  Unless CVS trees distribute nicely, I have a small preference for
the primary repository being frost.slimy.com.

>   Rules:
>       1) Please post under this subject heading ONLY.
>       2) This thread is to be short lived (no more than a few days).
>       3) Discussion of design issues on this thread will not be
> appreciated.
>   Commentary:
>       Find yourselves a benign dictator.  If you want a very simple
> and elegant demonstration of why you need one, read the ICGnu archives
> at Kanga.Nu and the previously referenced Slashdot article.  You may
> use this meta discussion to aid resolving the leadership question.  I
> would appreciate it however if the brunt of the "find-a-dictator"
> traffic occured off list.  (ObThreat:  I'm very tempted to just
> appoint one).

Unless someone else wants to do this (any other volunteers?), this looks
to be me.  There's plenty of room for things like a VM lead if people want
to do this sort of thing without running the whole project.

Jon Leonard

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