[MUD-Dev] Re: DevMUD Prototyping (was META: DevMUD, MUD-Dev, and (list) futures)

James Wilson jwilson at rochester.rr.com
Tue Nov 3 19:28:20 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Tue, 03 Nov 1998, Jon Leonard wrote:

>Or just wait around for me to declare that there's no point in counting
>votes, and that the official title is "project maintainer".

of course. but don't you like "Lord God King"?

>> since you seem to be the consensus for Lord God King, what did you think 
>> of my RFC asking for more proofs of concept?
>I think the wording was sufficiently pretentious, 

thank you. ;)

>and that we're not
>likely to see alternate proofs of concept in the near future.
>(Even though I would welcome seeing one.)

well... I would really like to see someone (Nick?) try to prove
me wrong viz. Gamora's efficiency. CORBA would also be interesting to
benchmark. (Nick, would you be interested in throwing something
together with me so we can see exactly what sort of costs are involved?
I am really quite curious about this.)

>I do think proofs of concept can be quite useful.  I have one under 
>http://frost.slimy.com/devmud/, also running on frost.slimy.com port 2121,
>with some minor upgrades.

yes, that was very helpful in that it provided a concrete example of 
what we were talking about. That's why I think that MORE would be a natural
next step, or rather something which should start bubbling up in parallel with
all the (still valuable, if frustrating) design stuff.

>I think that the next step is for me to upgrade it to use a module protocol,
>some time in the next 48 hours.  After that it'll be time for a round of
>commentary, and then probably time to start working on real module
>definitions and code.

great. I'll be very interested to see what you come up with. (Do you want to
do it all on your own, or would partners be useful?)

>This presumes that by then we'll have some idea of what are good modules to
>start with, and who is interested in working on them.

given some concrete examples of the protocol, further applications will
no doubt present themselves. if the protocol won't scale the way we need 
it to, that should be apparent fairly quickly.


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