[MUD-Dev] Re: My vision for DevMUD

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Tue Nov 3 23:43:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On  3 Nov 98, ApplePiMan at aol.com wrote:
> Please note that I have no problem whatsoever with maintaining 
> attributions, nor even with contributing code back to the project to the 
> degree that my company's modifications allow (that is, modifications that 
> don't constitute the "essence" of what makes my commercial venture unique 
> -- if a modification would allow any Joe to come along and easily "clone" 
> what I'm doing, it doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of making it 
> back to the project =) ). The problem is in having those things mandated, 
> and beyond that, in having to use the code under any sort of license 
> whatsoever.

I would think that many hobbyist mud admins would be offended
by any license demanding public exposure of derivative code. 

> Suppose, for instance, the DevMUD team dissolves under acrimonious 
> circumstances. I don't anticipate that, but I don't think anyone could 
> refute it's a possibility, either. Suppose there is feuding over who 
> "owns" DevMUD then (and consequently, who administrates the license my 
> commercial venture is using). Or even just suppose that at some point 
> team consensus changes and it's decided that free commercial usage isn't 
> such a good idea. The terms of my future usage of DevMUD could change so 
> drastically that it was no longer feasible for me to use the code, 
> leaving me up the proverbial creek. Such a change could effectively be 
> forcing me out of business. The mere statistical possibility of that will 
> scare off most, if not all, commercial users, I would think.
> If John Q. Public owns the code, those issues are no longer a concern. 
> Once it's PD, nothing you can do or say can alter my right to use it.

Good points.  Why not make this utterly simple and clear.


This software is public domain.  You may freely distribute and 
use this code in any public, private or commercial endeavor.  The 
authors of this code make no warranties explicit or implied as to the 
suitability of this code for any purpose whatsoever.  The authors 
assume no liability for any damages directly or indirectly caused by 
the execution or possesion of this software.  This liability limit 
includes, but is not limited to, damages to computer hardware, 
software and peripherals,  financial loss, illegal activity, physical 
harm, emotional trauma, and death. Any entity executing this 
software for any purposes does so at their own risk and peril.


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