[MUD-Dev] Re: DevMUD considerations and the Halloween article

Vadim Tkachenko vt at freehold.crocodile.org
Wed Nov 4 02:00:09 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Chris Gray wrote:
> There are lots of advantages to jumping onto the Java bandwagon in this
> respect (its not going to go away soon!), and I'm not against it for the
> main DevMUD stream. I'm just offering my stuff, since if I end up using
> the DevMUD framework to replace my own, I'll want my stuff since, by its
> nature, it is faster than equivalent Java stuff (unless you have JIT).
> No need for details - its mostly a personal thing.

+1 here (I guess, I'm subliminally following the Apache project model of
making decisions ;-)

As for me, I wouldn't object to have all the core in Java - this is the
best stuff I've seen in 13 years since I started. Problems with
performance are easy to fix by following a simple procedure:

1. Find the bottleneck (90/10 rule).
2. Implement it in a more efficient native module.

Most important feature of Java, IMHO, is a good support for a design
model, everything else is secondary. Well, Javadoc is so obvious that I
forgot to mention it in the first place.

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