[MUD-Dev] Quick socket answer

Dr. Cat cat at bga.com
Sun Nov 8 13:30:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Well it looks like I was on the right track three or four years ago when 
I tried to set SO_REUSEADDR.  But a friend in Finland told me that a 
friend of HIS said that you have to set it before your listen() call.  A 
quick check of my code showed that I was doing it right after the listen 
call!  Haven't shut the server down since this morning's restart with 
that change in, but I'm guessing it will probably work smoothly now.  
THanks to everyone for all the feedback, and if there are any more 
problems I might try messing with SO_LINGER again later.  (Tried that one 
three or four years ago too, as I recall.)  Nice to be able to solve this 
one without having to dig into my copy of Stevens - it's pretty verbose!

Minus one point to my sysadmin for thinking Linux was BSD derived.  But 
he's still way ahead for putting in all the volunteer time to upgrade the 
system.  Tonight we'll finally see how much higher than 200 players the 
demand actually is, now that we're off that buggy old OS we used to be on.

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