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Nathan F Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Thu Nov 12 12:53:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, Chris Gray wrote:


:I think to get all of that information, you might need an entire
:library of chemistry and geology reference books! If you *really*
:want to get into some of it, you need a "rubber bible". That's the
:student name for the "Handbook of Chemistry and Physics", that was
:published by the Chemical Rubber Company. I got one in my first year
:of university. I don't know if they are still published, however.
:You might find some in a university library, or a good high school one.
:Warning: mine is nearly 3 inches of very thin paper!

And my new one (1997) is about four inches, and still thin as heck. Yes,
they still publish the sucker.

:Some sections:

:    "The Elements". A short paragraph on each one. Dense material.
:    E.g. for carbon, it includes: atomic weight 12.01115, atomic
:    number 6, melting point 3550C, sublimes above 3500C, boiling
:    point 4827C, specific gravity: amorphous 1.8 - 2.1, graphite
:    1.9 - 2.3, diamond 3.15 - 3.53 (depending on variety), gem
:    diamond 3.513 (25C). And then lots of words.

:    "Physical constants of inorganic compounds" (nearly 100 pages)
:    Columns are: name, formulae, molecular weight, crystalline form &
:    properties & index of refraction, density/specific gravity,
:    melting point, boiling point, solubility in cold & hot water & others.

:    "Physcial constants of minerals" (only 4-1/2 pages!)
:    Includes name, formula, specific gravity, hardness, crystalline
:    form & colour, index of refraction

:    "Physical constants of organic compounds" (nearly 500 pages!)
:    ...

:(How can you tell I don't want to work on what I should be working on?)

:In other words, there is far more information than you could ever use.
:I think you need to cut back on your ambitions a bit, and start with
:something simple. Only put in data for things as you put sources of
:those things into your world. Else you'll go insane!

I'm still working on my goal of inputting over 50% of the chemical data.
I don't have any illusions of getting all the chemical data into my mud,
but half is a good goal for extreme ambition. I might mention that's the
p-chem data. Maybe 5% of the o-chem data, and some biochem.

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