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I have a game-friendly, fast API for xlib included in my game
"Roids" at http://maxx.foo.net/~bevan/roids.html It's called blib.
It's pretty much end-of-life'd, as I'm using gtk now, and when I
next go to game programming it will probably be back to OpenGL.
Nevertheless, it supports shared-memory ximages, and it's very easy
to use.  I would recommend it for simple games or real-time simple
apps like fractal browsers or raytracers (both of which I've written
in it), but for apps that are heavy on the user interface or require
3-D support, it's the wrong choice.  There are a number of other
linux game programming pages linked from the web ring at the bottom
of the above URL.  I've seen at least five "THE __ONLY__ SOURCE
them are in the ring.  :) If you plan on incorporating sound, I
recommend MikMod for music, or the sound library in my game for just
sound effects.  I couldn't get MikMod to play wav files like it's
supposed to.  The sound library I used is an improved version of the
library used by xgalaga and xkoules.  In the act of improving it,
though, I broke all the other-unix support.  It should be easy to
put back in, but nobody's sent me any patches yet.  My thoughts
after writing my own xlib toolkit: it wasn't that bad.  A lot of
games (and screensavers) are written in xlib itself.

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