[MUD-Dev] Ruminations on CVS and developing in the Bazaar

Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Fri Nov 27 23:27:02 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Well, I've consumed almost all of the excellent page on the 
CVS code revision control system:

I've almost got my CVS and ssh system set up like I'd like it,
and I've begun to wonder on the consequences of actually giving
strangers (whom I explicitly allow in) the ability to edit my beloved
source code...

The problem is trust.  The most likely scenario is that I
will have never met the ppl who want to help.  How can I trust them?

Reality is, I can't really them completely.  So, does that mean
watching everything they contribute to make sure they aren't
screwing something up either on purpose or on accident??  That would
seem to go against the benefits of open development....

I will definately watch the first additions that some other coder
makes, both to check for careless mistakes and to check for gross
incompetence...  Maybe that would be enough.  Why would anyone try
to sabotage it anyway?  That's like reverse-noosphere!

What if it's as simple as indentation changes or comment style..  I'm
almost anal-retentive in my personal coding style..  Maybe try to put
down some rules that others are expected to follow or else??

Well, at any rate, CVS is cooler than I had originally thought
possible, and the desire to grab a bit of the now infamous noosphere
is very strong, so I'm sure I'll put it up soon...but these questions

Does anyone have any experience that they would like to share?

Any specific technological (ie CVS tricks) you think might help?


PS.  Did DevMUD completely drain this group dry??   I couldn't find
the mailing list on kanga.nu, anyone wanna send me the address,
gotta keep up with the Joneses :)

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