[MUD-Dev] Introduction

Mik Clarke mikclrk at ibm.net
Sun Dec 6 21:31:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

	I've recently joined the list and would like to let you know a
little bit about myself and what I'm working on.  I've been involved
with muds for about 5 years now, starting on an LP in Australia known as
the Edge.  Being a professional programmer I got into the programming
side.  From this came two projects - one was to write a new LP mud, but
I had to leave Australia before it was completed.  The second was called
Million Spheres and was a mud server implmented completely in Java. 
It's main features was an applet client and integration with the web.
Objects could have URLs attached which could be viewed (in the clients
web browser) from within the mud.  I had some hopes about
comercialization - driving ecomerce from within the mud using mobs as
sales assitants.  Customization was via HTML like files.  If anyone is
interested I can send them a copy of what I've got - JDK 1.02 though.

At the moment I'm worlking on CthulhuMud, which is a Sunder base and I'm
attempting to add a lot more RP elements.  Additions so far include
professions, comparative skills, guns, conditional exits, exits with
conditional destinations, conditional object and room descriptions, and
structured conversations for mobs.  Right now I'm halfway through
reworking the mobprogs and triggers and adding quests, deeds and
factoids. The code base will be available when I've finished it.

I'm interested in discussing the structure of Mud type muds, role
playing enhancements and Mob AIs.

By day I'm a designer programmer for a real-time process monitoring and
control system (known to it's users as SA OS/390).  There seems to be
quite a lot of synergy between virtual worlds and automation.


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