[MUD-Dev] Re: mud client development systems

Benjamin D. Wiechel strycher at toast.net
Mon Dec 7 10:02:16 New Zealand Daylight Time 1998

Sunny Gulati wrote:
>Chris Gray wrote:
>>  >** Everything still depends on "telnetting" into a mud just as we do
>>  >nowadays.  I want to layer the client/server connections on top of
>>  >telnet.
>> I'm quite curious as to why you want to put stuff on top of telnet. Since
>> you are requiring a custom client anyway, why not use a custom binary
>> protocol of some kind? That cuts down on your communication, and avoids
>> altogether the problems of accidental interpretation.
>Simple - I want to do this in small little steps.  Running it on top of
>telnet means, I could write nifty client-objects and test them in my
>current mud.   In fact, right now I'm implementing all this in an object
>I carry around in my inventory.
>I would like it if people can take the work I do on this, and just drop
>it into their existing mud.  If nothing else, just for background music
>or whatever.  Widespread adoption.   And if you're not running the funky
>client, you just won't get the funky stuff.
>Well, actually, you'll see a message go by:  ~BOOT
>but that would be about all.
>Remember, my initial implementation is only geared at nifty message
>windows and background music. :)

One thought for you to consider is the Pueblo client for muds.  It
uses HTML to permit alternate views of the world.  This may help
in your design plans, or you may want to link up with the author.

I'm not sure what the URL is to their site, but you can probably find
it via Yahoo or TUCOWS.  I think I found it from one of them the last
time I went looking.

Benjamin D. Wiechel
strycher at toast.net

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