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This looks interesting. I'm going to download it after final exams.

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Small, Fast Browsing Engine For Virtually Any Application, Computing
Platform, Device Or Developer

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (December 7, 1998) -- Netscape Communications=20
Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today delivered the first version of "Netscape=
Gecko," its next-generation browsing engine, to thousands of Internet=20
developers. Netscape Gecko -- formally code-named "Raptor=92 " reaches a ne=
milestone for browser technology in speed, smaller size and full standards=
support. The revolutionary technology is designed to Internet-enable=20
virtually any application, operating system or device. Netscape Gecko is=20
the first software product from Netscape based on contributions from=20
mozilla.org, the organization chartered with managing Netscape's open=20
source initiative among thousands of Internet developers and Netscape.

"Today's delivery of the new Gecko browsing engine ushers in a new era of=
'write once, browse anywhere' because content developers can now write once=
to W3C standards, and their content is accessible from virtually any=20
application OS and device," said Bob Lisbonne, senior vice president of=20
client products at Netscape. "Gecko demonstrates Netscape's continuing role=
as the preeminent Internet technology innovator."

At the heart of future versions of Netscape Navigator=99 and Netscape=20
Communicator, the Gecko browsing engine offers consumers and developers=20
several next-generation key benefits including:

=B7 Size: Netscape Gecko's browsing engine is smaller than 1.4 megabytes,=
bringing the promise of the Internet to a variety of smaller consumer=20
devices that previously did not have the capacity to run a full-featured=20
browser. Gecko fits on a single floppy disk.

=B7 Speed: The new Gecko engine is several times faster than previous=20
versions of Internet browsing software.

=B7 Standards: Because Gecko is the first and only browser technology to=20
fully implement the latest W3C standards, it enables developers to build=20
rich, dynamic Web pages and Web-based applications that look and run as=20
intended across a variety of platforms and devices. This saves developers=
time and money while allowing them to deliver state-of-the-art content.=20
Gecko features full support for open Internet standards such as CSS, HTML4,=
DOM1, RDF and XML. In addition to supporting these standards in the layout=
engine, a component of Gecko enables the user interface of applications to=
be built using these standards.

=B7 Source: Gecko represents the first software release from Netscape and=
mozilla.org's open source initiative. By harnessing the talent of thousands=
of developers worldwide, mozilla.org has accelerated Internet software=20
development even beyond Internet time. Additionally, independent software=
developers=92 corporate Information Technology departments will now have=20
complete access to the modular source code and freedom to freely license=20
the source, make changes and build customized versions to accommodate their=
individual needs.

The Gecko engine was created to enable Internet browsing anywhere by=20
delivering the power of the Internet to:

=B7 Virtually Any Application: Through Gecko, PC applications such as insta=
messaging and chat software, email and finance and gaming software can=20
integrate Internet browsing. The same Gecko engine will also be at the=20
heart of major new releases of Netscape Navigator and Netscape=20

=B7 Virtually Any Operating System: Because it is cross-platform, the Gecko=
browsing engine will be able to run on multiple computing systems. Gecko=20
will initially be available on Windows, Macintosh and UNIX, and will be=20
easily portable to many additional operating systems.

=B7 Virtually Any Device: Gecko is designed to power numerous consumer=20
devices including handheld phones, PDAs, fax machines and TV set top boxes.=
Through Gecko, access to the Web can become even more pervasive than it is=
today. Gecko can allow consumers to access stock quotes and make trades=20
while on the go, or shop for the holidays all from the comfort of their=20
living room using their favorite device.

=B7 Virtually Any Developer: Any software developer will have free access t=
Gecko's source code. This enables any developer to make customizations to=
Gecko, giving them maximum flexibility. The source code is available for=20
download at http://www.mozilla.org.

The developer preview of Netscape's Gecko browsing engine was made=20
available today. Developers everywhere will be able to download and try the=
Gecko browsing engine at http://developer.netscape.com. The final version=
of Netscape Gecko is expected to be available during the first half of=20

Netscape Communications Corporation is a leading provider of software and=
services for businesses that want to transform the way they create and keep=
customers in the emerging Net Economy. The company offers a full line of=20
enterprise software solutions, professional services, and a leading=20
Internet portal to help companies build, buy or outsource Internet=20
applications that drive revenue growth, build customer loyalty, and create=
new levels of business efficiency. Traded on NASDAQ under the symbol NSCP,=
Netscape Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California.
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