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Date: Monday, December 07, 1998 1:21 PM
Subject: [MUD-Dev] Re: Introduction

>Text based ones with autonomus mobs, as opposed to mass simulations or
>3D graphics extravganzas.

YES! Cool! Another one! And here I thought I was alone.

>I feel there's a lot of life left in text
>based interfaces and that they give the best return on effort.

Since I've recently come to a tentative agreement with a text-based game
author on resuming development of his game, I'd have to agree. We're still
talking price, but we're pretty committed to bringing the game back.

Now, agreed, you have to be pretty nuts to try and port a DOS real mode
single-client game to the internet... but I never claimed to be sane. At
least the networking is trivial. ;)

>also tend to give far richer games than most of the graphical ones I've
>seen.  Good text is fairly easy to do, but good graphics?

Depends on your definition of "rich" -- some people think looking good is
plenty rich enough, no matter what the game itself is like. Many of those
people have money and will spend forty bucks on a game because it looks
good. As a result... lots of very pretty games that suck come out every
year. That also means I don't buy many games, and that I don't find fancy
graphics appealing.

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