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At 12/7/98 3:03 PM Mik Clarke (mikclrk at ibm.net) altered the fabric of 
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>Adam J. Thornton wrote:
>> On Sun, Dec 06, 1998 at 09:31:36PM +0000, Mik Clarke wrote:
>> > At the moment I'm worlking on CthulhuMud, which is a Sunder base and I'm
>> > attempting to add a lot more RP elements.  Additions so far include
>> > professions, comparative skills, guns, conditional exits, exits with
>> > conditional destinations, conditional object and room descriptions, and
>> > structured conversations for mobs.  Right now I'm halfway through
>> > reworking the mobprogs and triggers and adding quests, deeds and
>> > factoids. The code base will be available when I've finished it.
>> Have you talked with Chaosium about licensing?  This might get ugly if you
>> make it a freely-available product, and *will* get ugly if you want to take
>> it commercial.
>Shouldn't be a problem.  Firstly it's non-comercial. Secondly the Mythos
>was one of the first 'collaborative writing' experiments, and it's left
>the copyright in a strange state. As I understand it, anyone can use the
>Mythos (or at least HPLs elements of it) in their own works. Thirdly
>we're not copying the CoC RPG system. I think we're sufficiently
>different to stand on our own.

I've been too busy to comment on much lately, but I couldn't let a 
licensing post go by without comment... =)

Mik is correct in saying there *should* be no issues with Chaosium, as 
long as the gaming system is sufficiently distinct from CoC. The issues 
will *most likely* be with HPL's estate (I assume he's dead? don't know 
that for sure...). Note, however, that if Chaosium has some sort of 
exclusive license to the game rights through HPL's estate, all bets on 
Chaosium leaving you alone are off...

Standard disclaimer: I'm not an attorney... I just happen to know a fair 
amount on this subject. Don't take what I say as gospel; check with your 

-Rick Buck.

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