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Ben Greear greear at cyberhighway.net
Sun Jan 3 21:22:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Emil Eifrem wrote:
> At 07:00 PM 1/3/99 , Ben Greear wrote:
> >(skill == spell for this discussion)
> >I use a system where each skill may have 0 or more pre-requisites, and
> >0 or more 'enables'.  When ever you learn a skill past 50%, then I do
> >a check on all of the enables.  For each enable, if it (now) has all
> >of it's pre-requisites learned at least 50%, then I add this skill to
> >the player's collection of skills, with a learned percentage of 1.
> Cool. Once the player has a new skill, does changing its value propagate
> changes throughout its enablers and the rest of the system, sortta like
> skill trees and -webs do? Or do you just use it for deciding what new
> skills a character may gain?

No, just for deciding new skills.  However, many of my skills/spells
take more than one skill-percentage-learned into account, so in a
way I guess it does...

> Also, I'm curious as to how a character grows better in his skills on your
> mud. You speak of practices -- is that the only way? Or do you also get
> better by *using* the skill? If so, then I believe it would be at least
> theoretically possible for a player to gain all skills. That may not be a
> problem. A lot of time would probably have to be invested. Do you have the
> concept of skill detoriation or anything alike?

Just practices.  I see too many ways to abuse the *using* scheme. 
Practices are
given at level, and optionally by immorts for good deeds, such as
a quest or whatever, so it is still possible.  Mobs can also teach
skills through their scripts, but this should be done minimally to avoid

> >If you would like to see an (almost up to date) graph of my skill
> >structure, check out:
> >www.primenet.com/~greear/ScryMUD/ss.gif
> >
> >The blue arrows represent 'requires', the black represent 'enables'.
> >The graph was drawn with the "graphviz" tool, dot.  If you want more
> >info on dot, let me know, it's cool :)
> I like it a lot. Been looking for such a tool for a long time, so I
> wouldn't say no to information/links/etc about it. :)

I don't have the link on me now, but try looking for 'graphviz' on 
some search engines.  The actual page is burried somewhere at IBM, or
maybe Bell Labs.  The graphviz package contains 'dot', which I used to
generate the graph.  To put text in, you have to copy some TrueType
from your windows machine:  (In my example:  cp
/mnt/dosc/windows/fonts/* /usr/local/lib/fonts/ )

If you can't find it, let me know, I think I got the bookmark at work...

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