[MUD-Dev] Re: Info about different skill systems

Emil Eifrem emil at prophecy.lu
Mon Jan 4 02:11:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

At 07:00 PM 1/3/99 , Ben Greear wrote:
>(skill == spell for this discussion)
>I use a system where each skill may have 0 or more pre-requisites, and
>0 or more 'enables'.  When ever you learn a skill past 50%, then I do
>a check on all of the enables.  For each enable, if it (now) has all
>of it's pre-requisites learned at least 50%, then I add this skill to
>the player's collection of skills, with a learned percentage of 1.

Cool. Once the player has a new skill, does changing its value propagate
changes throughout its enablers and the rest of the system, sortta like
skill trees and -webs do? Or do you just use it for deciding what new
skills a character may gain?

Also, I'm curious as to how a character grows better in his skills on your
mud. You speak of practices -- is that the only way? Or do you also get
better by *using* the skill? If so, then I believe it would be at least
theoretically possible for a player to gain all skills. That may not be a
problem. A lot of time would probably have to be invested. Do you have the
concept of skill detoriation or anything alike?

>I do linear lookups for this, so it could be more efficient:  However
>as it is relatively rarely used, brute force is the way to go!!

-nodnod- If you can't solve it with violence, simply use more violence.

>If you would like to see an (almost up to date) graph of my skill
>structure, check out:
>The blue arrows represent 'requires', the black represent 'enables'.
>The graph was drawn with the "graphviz" tool, dot.  If you want more
>info on dot, let me know, it's cool :) 

I like it a lot. Been looking for such a tool for a long time, so I
wouldn't say no to information/links/etc about it. :)

-EE [emil at prophecy.lu]

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