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Nathan F Yospe yospe at hawaii.edu
Wed Jan 6 16:53:58 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, James Wilson wrote:

:On Tue, 05 Jan 1999, Nathan F Yospe wrote:
:[JCL's original quote snipped]
:>On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, James Wilson wrote:
:>:I'm curious - has anyone implemented a system allowing variable levels of 
:>:combat detail ('brief-mode' vs 'verbose-mode', for instance)? 


:>The client has two levels of information screening: server detail level,

:I should have been more clear... I know that many muds allow different levels
:of detail in DISPLAYING combat (several people have already piped up saying
:that their muds do this) but what I was interested in was JCL's original
:problem, namely that some players would like to have a great deal of detailed
:control over combat. This is a problem not only in that providing that detailed,
:interesting combat system is naturally difficult, but also in that many players
:aren't interested in the details of combat and WOULD like to type 'kill
:Bob' and be done with it.

Oh. Oops. Um... there are a couple of prewritten scripts I plan to place
with the client... one of them is stupid-kill and one is assult&battery.
Both could suffice... beyond that, commands like "kill X" will work, but
will essentially use hindbrain judgement... in other words, they will be
a key to the fatal fury behavior pattern serverside, and could lead your
character to death-by-aggression if circumstances change and you are not
able to react quickly. Some characters won't be able to kill without the
constant prompting of their concious mind (you), though that changes, in

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