[MUD-Dev] Re: mobile movement

Koster Koster
Wed Jan 6 17:44:18 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

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> On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> > 1) Doing some sort of real-time search (BFS or DFS maybe?) 
> everytime 
> > movement was to take place, to find the best room to move 
> to from the 
> > current one. [snip]

> It caused no noticable slowdown on whatever ancient Sun 
> machine was running
> the thing at the time.  If that thing was able to keep up 
> with a few hundred
> long-range BFS's like that, I imagine a nice modern processor 
> running at 200+
> mhz could manage tens of thousands without noticable difficulty.

Legend wrote its own, but it even uses the same code to arrive at
distances between players for making yells and the like "fade" with
distance. Profiling shows it to be higher CPU usage than most other
things in the mud, but overall it was still not really significant.
Legend uses this functionality *a lot*, including for mobs leading
caravans or steering ships from port to port, NPCs hunting down players,


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